Asking for Help

Helpers Seeking Help - Kanako Okuda
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Helpers Seeking Help

When to Ask for Help

When You Have Concerns About...


  • Not enough or too many assignments
  • Feeling unprepared
  • Feeling unsafe ​
  • Difficulty understanding assignments
  • Needing accommodations to complete your assignments

Field Instructor

  • Relationship with the field instructor
  • Inconsistent or not enough supervision
  • Not getting feedback
  • Your work not being observed
  • Not getting support with your assignments
  • Agency politics


  • Life crises involving your family members
  • Illness
  • Major life events 
  • Financial issues
  • Academic issues
  • Vacation schedules


  • Getting sick or injured at your field placement
  • Being asked to participate in an investigation by the agency or outside authorities
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Where to Seek Help

Your School

Field Education

Accessibility Accommodations

Your Field Instructor
Your Informal Support Network
Family & Friends
Other Professionals
Medical professionals & attorneys